MAE consultant has received a certificate of recognition from Seket Real Estate PLC

October 5, 2022

MAE consultant has been awarded a letter of appreciation from Seket Real Estate PLC for our excellent building design, supervision, and contract administration guidance in all of Seket Real Estate construction matters relating to the project undertaken during October, 2019.
The Real Estate company expressed their gratitude about the results our company had achieved. MAE provided Seket Real Estate invaluable guidance in regard to the architectural design and supervision, including the interior works. Our commitment involved design of the 670 square meters of the 2B+G+10 mixed use apartment which has now reached estimated budget of 384 million birr.
We appreciate the letter of gratitude presented to us by Sekete Real Estate PLC, and we will continue to work with them. MAE Consultant believes that good design and project success are contingent upon innovative vision, open communication, flexibility in approach and dedication to delivering exceptional service. This award is testament to our core believe in delivering quality service.

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